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Soliflex Svenska AB can help you with your audio projects, large or small. We have experience of racetracks, opera houses, schools and more. We help you with everything from consulting to project management. Something that is becoming more and more necessary is the integration between the PA system and the voice alarm, something that we can help you with. We also have good relationships with acoustic consultants. A sound system never gets better than the room it’s fitted in. Acoustics is very important.

We can offer you help with:

Consultation and system design - a sound system must work well in its installed environment.

This also means that the message the sound shall carry must be accurate as well as harmonic to make the listener react as well as often act, regardless of the message is background music, communication or an evacuation-message.

A sound system is always the most effective way for mass- communication, of course under the assumption the system is correctly designed and installed.

Soliflex is designing sound systems for arenas, theatres, nightclubs, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, churches, etc. All systems are unique and with different needs and functions. Thanks to a very long experience in sound design, Soliflex has all the knowledge and expertise needed to design a system that meets the clients needs for esthetical workmanship combined with technical outstanding functions, user-friendliness and meeting all applicable legal frameworks.


We at Soliflex can help you to program your audio system to get the features you want. We possess knowledge in both QSC Q-Sys, Biamp Tesira, Media Matrix, SymNet, Yamaha DME and BSS.

Acoustic simulations

In todays projects and installations the client wants to know the results before commissioning. There are tools for that today. Soliflex can help you with acoustic and electro acoustic simulations in the software EASE.

We build the room in the software with the correct acoustic parameters. In EASE there is data for almost all loudspeakers available today, which means that we can easily test and simulate the sound in the room for correct loudspeaker placement and possible acoustic corrections. The analysis is made in three dimensions and the listener can "move around" in the room and listen in different positions. What do you gain from all this?
- You can show your customer that the solution is enough in SPL and that the STI (speech intelligibility) is good enough.
- The customer gets a good graphic overview of the sound system characteristics.

Contact us if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the next project.


2014- Trafikverket

Audio consultants for the national department of transportation (focusing on railway stations)

2016: Heaven 23, Gothia Towers

System design, programming, project management at one of the highest placed restaurants in Gothenburg

2015 och 2016: Uddevalla College

Programming Biamp Tesira Forté for video conferencing in three rooms including acoustic echo cancelling.

2007- Solvalla horse race track

Combined PA and Voice Alarm in one of the largest sound system installations in Sweden.

2014: Gothia Towers ET

Sound system for background music.

2013: Gothia Towers Upper House

Sound system for background music.

2013: Åby horse race track

Sound system for equestrian track

2013: EnPro Saudi Arabia

Q-Sys programming for General Electric new innovation centre.

2012: Westcoast

New sound system with dsp programming.

Lunds church

Acoustic and electro acoustic simulations

Nyherji, Island

Acoustic and electro acoustic simulations

Dansk Data Display

Acoustic and electro acoustic simulations of Lund University

Dansk Data Display

Acoustic and electro acoustic simulations of an industry facility converted to lecturing room

Oslo opera house

Advisor for Benum A/S

Jazz- och kulturhuset i Molde

Consultants for new sound system

Qatar State Mosque

Sound System Design

Kloster church, Eskilstuna


Gamla Ullevi


Idrottsparken i Norrköping


Al Gharafa & Al-Rayyan stadiums, Doha, Qatar

Commissioning, programming and measurements, new sound system

Fässberg high school, Mölndal

Design, installation and commissioning of digital cinema and sound system