Merging Technologies Ovation

Ovation is a Multi-Media Player solution designed for professional applications requiring a precise and synchronized playback of a wide variety of Media, such as Theatre, Live Events, TV and Radio Broadcast, OB Vans, Museums, Kiosks or Corporate Events and Presentations.

Built on the powerful Audio, Video and TimeCode engine of Pyramix Virtual Studio and the VCube HD Video System and on the dependable 18 years experience of the Merging Technologies team, Ovation provides a very robust, precise and complete set of features dedicated to these applications.

Ovation can be operated as a Media Sequencer by using its own Show Controller Engine through a powerful, very intuitive and fully customizable User Interface especially designed to be accessible by any Touch Screen or Tactile Devices, or simply as a pure, “Black-Box” like, Media Server, transparently remote controlled by all of the most popular protocols.

Ovation is build on a networked architecture which allows playback of virtually all kinds of Media directly from the network and, optionally, separate and duplicate the Remote Control, Show Control and Playback Engines over multiple stations, thus ensuring full redundancy and unlimited scalability in terms of audio and video output channels.

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